Powerful Facebook Advertising Platform

Ad Analytics: Make Your Message Loud & Clear

The Ad Analytics is a 3-part tool - Ad Analytics, Ad Management, and Ad Booster. This unique combination of features empowers advertisers to optimize, manage, and boost their advertising strategy on Facebook in one easy-to-use interface.

  • Quickly evaluate all Facebook Ads activities and act on them
  • Auto-bidding and optimization rules
  • Position yourself against your competitors
  • Conversion tracking beyond Facebook
  • Post boosting interface with automatic rules

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Ad Analytics

brings insights on which advertising channels and activities on Facebook are performing above (or below) industry standards.

  • Key Competitor Fan Overlay
  • Ad Type Effectiveness
  • Ad Placement Distribution
  • Country Overview
  • Time of Day Effectiveness
  • Ad Audit Reports

Ad Management

helps advertisers efficiently manage Facebook advertising accounts, better allocate their budgets, as well as optimize and automate ads.

  • Control over multiple Facebook Ad accounts
  • Multi-level User Account Management
  • Conversion Tracking (Tracking Leads, Sales, Subscriptions)
  • Auto-bidding and Optimization Rules
  • Campaign Management and Time Scheduling
  • Ad Editor and Targetting

Ad Booster

provides all post-boosting capabilities, including smart automatic rules and instant results overview, in one user-friendly interface.

  • Auto-boost trigger (Automatic boosting of post with pre-set organic reach)
  • One-click boost for Fans & Non-Fans Audiences
  • Organic, Paid Reach, and Engagement Rate overview for all posts
  • Instant Post Performance Overview
  • Status and Content Type Filters
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Socialbakers PRO Suite

Competitive Intelligence & Social Media Measurement

Social media monitoring, tracking and reporting of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube used for B2B marketing purposes has never been easier than with our Analytics tool.

Intelligent Content Management To Drive Social Success

Builder is a content management platform that helps marketers increase social media efficiency. With Builder’s real-time competitive analysis, performance reporting, and collaborative workflow, you will maintain total control of social publishing. Spend less time on administrative tasks, and have more time for creating engaging content.

Monitor, Analyze & Engage!

Listening lets you monitor conversations across Facebook and Twitter in real-time and performs detailed, exportable analyses of conversations by keywords and across multiple social media platforms.

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